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Bittersweet Day

Posted By on March 30, 2012 in Blog | 3 comments

Bittersweet Day

Ah… Today is a bittersweet day.  I’ve finished the last of my revisions on Deliver Me from Temptation and am tweaking the formatting before turning it in to the hands of the wonderful Sourcebooks team. The book (and the characters) took a whole bunch of different turns that I didn’t expect it to take, shooting away my conviction in the fact that I was a recovered pantser turned plotter. Guess I was wrong.  I think it worked for Roland’s story because the characters were already so alive in my head. Logan was for this one, but it took me a bit to find my heroine.  Once I did though? Oh boy, she led me (and Logan) on a crazy, hair-raising, yet really freakin fun ride! I hope that when DMFT comes out you all enjoy the adventure as much as I do!


  1. Wendy March 30, 2012

    Hi there..I hear a lot of authors say that the characters make there own story..I don’t know if I would give in …I’m not a writer but I think I would have to put my foot down sometimes..LOL..but really have you ever said NO and this is how it’s gonna be and it worked out well?

    • Tes March 30, 2012

      LOL! I’ve tried, Wendy… It normally doesn’t work out to well. The times it does it’s because I’ve compromised… ie, I’ve gone back and looked over the entire section or the events that led up to that moment to see if there was something else off that was causing my character to do something else. Of course, there are the few times when they take the lead and I follow blindly, and then I have to go back and make sure that the reader understood why the character acted a certain way. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve realized that the motivation for their actions were “behind the scenes” and that I had to either rewrite or add in that info for the readers benefit.

      ps. a big shout out to my BETA readers for helping me catch those inconsistencies!

      • Wendy March 30, 2012

        Hmmm..I guess it’s better to follow there leads then.I need to be a character one day…just to get my way..lol..have a great day